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Tax on Madurai Corporation property:

Madurai, the temple city in southern India, requires all residential property proprietors to pay an annual property tax to the Madurai Municipal Corporation or the Madurai corporation. The substantial revenue generated by the Madurai Corporation from the accumulation of Madurai corporation property tax contributes to the growth of the city. Madurai Municipal Corporation has a total of 100 divisions and is divided into four zones across 148 square kilometres. Zone 1 of Madurai Corporation encompasses wards 1 through 23, Zone 2 encompasses wards 24 through 49, Zone 3 encompasses wards 50 through 74, and Zone 4 encompasses wards 75 through 100. It is the responsibility of each property proprietor to pay the Madurai Corporation property tax so that the citizens can benefit from all the facilities and critical services provided by the Madurai Municipal Corporation.

Online property tax payment India’s Madurai

To make an online property tax payment in Madurai, residents must visit

For Madurai house tax online payment, registered users can opt in with their mobile number or email address and password on the Madurai property tax website. Users who are registering for the first time must register with the Madurai Municipal Corporation. Use the ‘Quick Pay’ option to proceed with the property tax online payment Madurai without registering on the website:

On the new page, select ‘Property Tax’ and enter the assessment number and old assessment number before clicking ‘Search’ to make an online payment for house tax in Madurai. The page will display all Madurai Corporation property tax payment information associated with the entered Madurai corporation property tax assessment number. After confirming that the online property tax Madurai details displayed are accurate, select ‘View Payment History’ to proceed with the payment.

Also peruse the complete KMC property tax

Click the ‘My Properties’ section on the following page to review the property inventory, add assessments, and delete properties. Click on the ‘My Tax’ tab to calculate the Madurai property tax for your properties using the ‘Tax Calculator’ tool and the required information.

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Make the property tax payment online Madurai in the ‘Make Payment’ section using one of the online payment options available. It is possible to make payments via NEFT, net banking, UPI, and cards. To file a complaint regarding their Madurai property tax, click on the ‘My Grievances’ link if you have any questions. The ‘My Request’ section is for those who wish to submit a service request or review the status of an existing request. In this section, visitors can also verify their Madurai property tax obligations.

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