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Property tax for Madurai Corporation: everything you need to know

How to find assessment number for property tax in madurai – Madurai real estate news

how to pay property tax with assessment number madurai tamilnadu

An annual payment of the Madurai Corporation property tax, or Madurai Municipal Corporation, is required from property proprietors of residential properties in the temple town of Madurai, located in southern India. The substantial revenue that the Madurai Corporation obtains through the collection of its property tax contributes to the growth and progress of the municipality. Madurai Municipal Corporation is structured into four zones and encompasses a total area of 148 square kilometres with a division into 100 wards. Madurai Corporation divides its jurisdiction into the following zones: Zone 1, which encompasses wards 1 through 23, Zone 2, which extends to wards 24 to 49, Zone 3, which encompasses wards 50 to 74, and Zone 4, which extends to wards 75 to 100. In order to ensure that all facilities and essential services offered by the Madurai Municipal Corporation are accessible to the public, it is the duty of every property proprietor to remit the property tax to the corporation.


Calculator for property taxes at Madurai Corporation
The determination of an individual’s Madurai Corporation property tax liability is contingent upon several variables, including the property’s classification as residential or commercial, built-up area, base value, age, construction type (single-story or multi-story), and occupancy. Citizens have the ability to self-evaluate and remit the property tax through the property tax Madurai website, which features the Madurai Corporation property tax calculator.

Property tax for Madurai Corporation: contact information
For inquiries regarding the property tax of Madurai Corporation, please contact:

Commissioner Madurai Business

Telephone: 0452253521

Number for WhatsApp: 8428425000

Communication via email: commr.madurai@tn.gov.in


How do I pay my Madurai property tax online?
To make an online payment for the property tax in Madurai, navigate to the property tax homepage and select the Quick Links option.

Why is it advisable to make property tax payments online?
It is advisable to utilise the online payment service due to its end-to-end operations that eliminate the need for any physical interaction. It is time-efficient and eliminates the necessity of waiting in queues.

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