Tokyo Real estate News

Tokyo Real estate News

When looking for an investment property, we recommend looking for an apartment that is less than 5 minutes walk from Ebisu Station, Meguro Station, or Shinjuku Station. If there aren’t many houses near the station, we propose a 7-minute walk away.

These districts are recommended because they are located along the popular “Yamanote Line,” a train route that circles Tokyo’s central areas. Furthermore, because the stations are linked to other lines, their ease of access is very appealing.

Furthermore, the aforementioned stations are included in SUUMO, Japan’s leading real estate website,’s “Top Residential Areas in Tokyo” rating. Furthermore, these places are popular among Japanese investors, so you should have no trouble selling the home. This makes it simple to rent and increase the rent on houses in certain locations.

Property Type Properties that have been internally refurbished for over 20 years are frequently used, and we recommend purchasing rooms on the second or higher floor.

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Properties built more than 20 years ago and refurbished once are preferred. Existing properties are appealing because they can be purchased at a lower cost than freshly constructed ones. Furthermore, if the home is refurbished, the asset value is preserved because the interior is clean.

We recommend properties on the second or higher floor because single women avoid residing on the first floor for security reasons. Prices for studio flats, 1LDK apartments, and 2DK apartments will not exceed 10- 40 million yen. If you’re lucky, your yields won’t surpass 5%.

Recommended Residential Districts in Tokyo
When buying real estate for residential usage, it is best to purchase a large condominium or a property in a tower apartment (“tower mansion”) in Futako Tamagawa, Musashi Kosugi, or Toyosu.

All of this is in a newly created metropolitan area with houses around major commercial malls and the infrastructure required for foreigners to dwell.

Property Type Second-hand houses within 10 years after construction and within 10 minutes of the nearest station are preferred. Furthermore, houses with 2LDK or more are appealing.

These neighbourhoods are home to many families with little children. As a result, they are surrounded by several hospitals and other useful facilities. Furthermore, getting to central Tokyo is simple due to the abundance of train stations and railway lines.

Property prices range from 40 million yen at the low end to more than 100 million yen in the high end.

Another alternative is to rehabilitate an old building in central Tokyo. If the home cannot be renovated, it is best to find one that is close to the station and has other appealing features.

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