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Are you interested in selling products online? There are compelling reasons to consider distributing your products through a platform rather than creating your own website. Here are some of the benefits:

One of the primary benefits of selling through a platform is that you have access to a larger audience than you could reach on your own. Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify all have millions of consumers actively searching for products to purchase. By listing your products on these platforms, you can potentially reach new consumers who would not have otherwise discovered you.

When you sell on a platform, you take advantage of the trust and credibility that the platform has established with its consumers over time. For instance, Amazon is well-known for its dependable shipping and customer service, so consumers may be more likely to trust and purchase products listed on Amazon than on a brand-new website they have never heard of. Similar to how platforms such as Etsy are known for their handmade and unique products, consumers may be more likely to seek out and purchase products from these platforms.

Building and establishing your own website can be a time-consuming and costly endeavour, particularly if you lack experience in web design and development. In contrast, selling on a platform can be a significantly simpler and less expensive method to get started. Most platforms have user-friendly interfaces and offer tools and resources to help you set up your store and begin selling fast.

Marketing and advertising support: Numerous platforms provide marketing and advertising tools to help you advertise your products and reach more customers. For instance, Amazon provides advertising campaigns that can assist you in targeting specific audiences and boosting your sales. Etsy offers promoted listings and social media integration to increase your exposure to consumers.

When customers seek for products on a platform, the platform’s algorithms determine which products will be displayed in the search results. By optimising your listings with pertinent keywords and high-quality images, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in search results and gaining increased product exposure.

There are numerous reasons to consider selling your products through a platform as opposed to selling them independently. By doing so, you can reach a larger audience, benefit from built-in trust and credibility, reduce barriers to entry, receive marketing and advertising support, and improve your visibility in search results. Instead of distributing products independently, generate revenue by utilising a platform.

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