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Is this your first time investing in Malaysian real estate? Buying a home in Malaysia might be intimidating the first time, whether you’re a buyer searching for a place to live or an investment seeking to turn a profit.

However, rest confident that your efforts are worthwhile. Do you aware that the country’s real estate sector is open to foreign investment? Indeed, foreigners may own freehold properties or, through leasehold titles, remain in possession of a property for 99 years. Recently, a programme known as Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) has gained traction among foreigners in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and elsewhere due to the appealing potential of residing in Malaysia.

This simply goes to illustrate how confident the market is and how profitable it is for both locals and foreigners. So, in order to assist the readers, let us go over some of the things to consider while purchasing property in Malaysia.

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Unquestionably, location is an important consideration when purchasing property in Malaysia. Strategic location provides more valuable real estate because facilities and amenities are considerably closer and easier to access. Without a question, large cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Johor Bahru are the best places to buy a home, with Melaka close after. With its proximity to the international airport, Kuala Lumpur, as a federal territory, is undoubtedly an excellent area to invest in real estate. Penang, on the other hand, would provide lovely beach resorts within easy reach of the capital. Johor Bahru is particularly appealing to Singaporeans, owing to their higher purchasing power and closeness to the country. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as an investment, merely focusing your purchase on these areas will ensure you higher profits.

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This also implies that buyer rivalry is considerably greater, as many others will seek to acquire their goods in the same regions. Not to worry, developers are catching up and churning out new projects every other month. Check out our other article on how to stay up to date on the latest launches around town, particularly in and around Kuala Lumpur.

When purchasing property in Malaysia, purchasers should pay particular attention to the reputation of the developers working on their preferred project. The rising demand has brought a slew of new players to the field, some of whom are excellent, while others may be slightly problematic. The latter may result in concerns such as unfinished lots, dangerous constructions, and bad planning in the future. This may severely reduce the value of your property and cause you to incur damages in the future. As a result, selecting developers with a good reputation should almost always come second to evaluating locales. The general rule of thumb is to verify whether the developer of interest is publicly traded or not, as publicly traded developers tend to have an excellent track record with generations of great developments that are guaranteed to bring only good tidings to your next buy.

Purchase cost
Now onto the next point! That is the purchasing cost. Without a question, when looking for houses to buy in Malaysia, the buying price remains a significant component of the puzzle. Prices vary greatly depending on location, kind of property, and even the size of the lodging, among other factors. As previously noted, given that properties in locations virtually always attract purchasers, prices are occasionally jacked up due to high demand, sometimes around RM1 million for houses in Kuala Lumpur’s core region and Johor Bahru. In reality, two projects in the same area may be priced differently based on their services, such as the facilities and amenities given.

For foreigners, the game is a little different because the ceiling price is set so that they do not simply acquire cheaper properties that are generally reserved for locals. However, the elements stated above will continue to play a significant role. For example, MM2H participants in Penang may only be able to purchase houses for RM500,000 or more, whilst in Sarawak, the threshold is slightly lower, about RM350,000.

Specific guidelines
Of course, there are rules in place for purchasing property. Depending on the developer, a deposit of five to ten percent of the purchase price is usually required. Then a Sale and Purchase Agreement must be negotiated with a lawyer, who will also charge legal costs. These expenses must also be factored into the property’s initial purchase price. Last but not least is the stamp duty for the Memorandum of Transfer, which varies between one and three percent depending on the developer of the project of interest. After evaluating all of the above, you should be ready to buy a property. However, you should be aware of other expenditures that may arise along the way, such as disbursement fees and real estate agent’s fees.

Furthermore, before going with the above, foreigners will need to file another application to the government through the State Authority before proceeding with their acquisition. In exchange, the State Authority will give a State Consent allowing you to proceed. Though it varies by state, the fee of the State Authority application is typically two percent of the purchase price.

Obtaining loans
We’ve arrived at the final stage, which is to get the loans. After you have paid all of the above-mentioned starting charges, you can approach any Malaysian bank to work on your house loan. You can acquire between 80 and 90% for your home loan, depending on your debt service ratio and the bank you’re working with. If you’re a first-time buyer, you might be able to get even more, but this is rare and normally done on a case-by-case basis.

The same is true for foreigners, who can approach Malaysian banks to acquire loans to purchase the houses they desire. Nonetheless, they may only receive up to 70% of the overall purchase price, and even with MM2H involvement, the maximum they may receive is approximately 80%. You can also obtain loans from overseas banks, though it is nearly always advisable to borrow in the local currency to avoid being harmed by volatile currency exchange rates.

That’s it for the fundamentals; now it’s up to you! Are you ready to buy a house? We believe You should be aware of a hidden gem. It is now possible to acquire your dream property without paying any further commission!

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